Supply Chain


Our supply chain team manages the sourcing, delivery and supply of clinical and healthcare products to departments and service areas under our remit.

Our work is critical in keeping healthcare organisations running smoothly by providing a continuous supply of vital clinical products for the right patient at the right time.


Healthcare Partners
Adding value at every stage of the supply chain

Launched in 2018, Healthcare Partners Ltd (HPL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. Although we provide services to both the public and private sectors, we are unique in that all our profits are reinvested back into the Trust.

We recognise that NHS Trusts are facing increasing pressure to cut costs and improve efficiencies, all whilst maintaining and even improving patient care. Supply chain management (SCM) is one area in which Trusts can meet this challenge. A well-organised and efficient supply chain is critical for any organisation’s financial and operational success.

Supply chain management is an essential part of HPL’s end-to-end procurement offering. We manage thousands of orders across hundreds of order points every year. Our clinical experts work collaboratively with the end users, as well as across the inventory and supply chain function to support the continuity of products at the Trust.

At Healthcare Partners Ltd, we understand that effective supply chain management isn’t just about achieving cost savings. We take a proactive, data-driven approach and use modern tools to ensure the continuous modernisation of systems and processes wherever possible.

Our holistic, value-based approach to supply chain management delivers tangible financial and operational benefits — empowering healthcare organisations to provide first-class care for better patient experiences.

Our supply chain management solutions

  • Supply chain review – spend analytics and cost-savings
  • Stock optimisation – ensuring the stability of the supply chain to guarantee the right goods at the right time
  • Materials management – managing, tracking and controlling the flow of clinical goods and supplies
  • Quality control – ensuring the overall quality and safety of all goods and processes across the entire supply chain function

Ensuring supply chain resilience

Like other healthcare organisations, our experience during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical need for a robust and adaptable supply chain.

At HPL, we’re working on supply chain resilience as a key focus to proactively combat ongoing issues with the global supply chain.

We’ve put measures in place to increase the flexibility and resilience of our supply chain to ensure a consistent and reliable service to clinicians and patients. We continue to monitor and increase stockholding levels so that we can anticipate solutions before problems even arise. To ensure products are consistently available to order, we have strengthened our partnerships with suppliers for high-demand product categories.


Why partner with us?

When you partner with HPL, we take care of the everyday stresses and worries of keeping your supply chain running smoothly — so that your clinicians can focus on delivering the best possible care to your patients.

  • Ensure your clinicians have the right products at the right time
  • Improve the resilience of your supply chain to prevent critical shortages
  • Streamline suppliers and operational efficiencies
  • Minimise costs
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of goods and processes
  • Ensure compliance across the entire supply chain

Our quality guarantee

Healthcare Partners Ltd puts quality at the forefront of every service that we provide and for every healthcare solution that we deliver.

Our internal quality and governance team ensures safe, effective outcomes that meet our clients’ high clinical assurance and quality requirements. Our accreditations include the ISO9001:2015 for Quality Management and the Customer Service Excellence Standard.

Our supportive, partnership-based approach to working with our clients promotes continuous improvement in clinical governance and quality, which in turn, enhances the patient experience.


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