We provide collaborative procurement and commercial solutions for healthcare organisations in the public sector.

Our end-to-end procurement services deliver tangible, measurable results that go beyond cost savings — guaranteeing better outcomes and improved patient experiences.


Healthcare Partners
Empowering your procurement

Launched in 2018, Healthcare Partners Ltd (HPL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. Although we provide services to both the public and private sectors, we are unique in that all our profits are reinvested back into the Trust.

Faced with squeezed budgets and resources, many healthcare organisations are understandably struggling with their procurement needs. Our clinical procurement specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the NHS and the changing procurement landscape, enabling us to advise and assist in the delivery of procurement projects.

We have an extensive track record of delivering cost-improvement plans, but our procurement approach is much more than this. Our value-based approach delivers tangible, measurable financial benefits to the health system over and above a reduction in purchase price. We achieve this by reducing whole-level costs across the health system through transformation and innovative change.

Simply put, we take away the pain of procurement so that clinicians can focus on delivering better patient care.

Our procurement solutions

HPL’s procurement and buying team is dedicated to providing first-class support and added value at every stage. We can help you with:

  • Spend analytics
  • Tendering
  • Contract management
  • Category plans
  • Framework formation
  • Bid management

Why partner with us?

HPL’s procurement solutions can bring a range of measurable benefits:

  • Unlock significant year-on-year cost savings.
  • Free up clinical staff time from administrative tasks to focus on delivering better patient care.
  • Reduce ordering time to ensure clinicians have the right tools and materials at the right time for the right patient.
  • Reduce waste and ad-hoc ordering and improve operational efficiency.
  • Ensure your procurement function is compliant with all legal requirements.
  • Introduce higher calibre contract management to manage external supplier contracts and non-pay spend.
  • Increase data visibility and transparency to ensure better use of resources.

Become an HPL supplier

First-class procurement means drawing from a pool of trusted suppliers. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure innovative and cost-effective solutions that add value at every stage of the supply chain.

Get in touch to learn more about joining our group of trusted HPL suppliers.


Our quality guarantee

Healthcare Partners Ltd puts quality at the forefront of every service that we provide and for every healthcare solution that we deliver.

Our internal quality and governance team ensures safe, effective outcomes that meet our clients’ high clinical assurance and quality requirements. Our accreditations include the ISO9001:2015 for Quality Management and the Customer Service Excellence Standard.

Our supportive, partnership-based approach to working with our clients promotes continuous improvement in clinical governance and quality, which in turn, enhances the patient experience.


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